Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Well, what else can happen you might ask?  Brian's job is having him work a snow route here in Redmond, should it ever snow.  In preparation for that they brought over a pick-up and snow blower.  It is parked in the back driveway next to the truck with flames on it  :)  parked up close to the fence and a very large bush....  Well, this morning he got up at 4am as it rained yesterday then froze and he had to check to make sure there were no icy parking lots.  Came back went to bed and got up and left for work at 7:30am.  I got up at 9 and got ready for GJ at noon.  When I left the snow blower was GONE!!!!  Someone had stolen it!  In broad daylight, with me in the house.  I must have been in the shower?  Who knows?  Carl did bark, but they do that when I get in the shower, like kids wanting to talk to you when you are on the phone...  yelled at him to SHUT UP!!!
I called Brian's boss and told them the blower was gone and I had to go to GJ and could not call or stay for the police...
I am in trouble for not paying attention to Carl's warning.  Apparently I was to run out naked with gun waving to scare the perps off!!  That is a sight I would not have anyone endure  :)  HA!!!
So I ask, is the Universe conspiring against me?  Geez... what ever next will happen.... 
They are bringing in another snow blower, but it will go back in the shed....  It was chained up with a big, thick cable, that was smoothly CUT in half.....  one would think they would cut a lock on the shed too, but then it would not be right out in the open like that.  It was not up in the bed of the truck but affixed to the back bumper on one of those add on grate things, so it was not up high or really awfully noticeable, but apparently someone saw it.  The guy that brought it over here said he just had it sitting out on the street with no problem.  We looked at the police action stuff in the paper tonight tho and there must have be about a dozen thefts in this area of town.  Someone is working the area..  Think we are going to be locking our doors from now on, tho....  sad..... what other people will do to make you have to live different and worry about your 'stuff'
THEN I had to go on a tour of the jails in Deschutes County, THAT was an eye-opener.  Why would anyone want to DO something that would put them in that circumstance.. horrid....  But is seemed all clean and secure, did not smell.  And all of the officers were very professional and seemingly dedicated to doing the job.  Which we should all be thankful for....
Take care all  and God Bless
Hope you all had a MUCH better day than we did....   :)


  1. That's terrible news, Loree. So sorry that it happened and that it happened when you were home. That's downright spooky! Hope they catch the thieves.

  2. How awful. But on the positive side, thankfully they didn't break in your house, and do harm to you before ransacking your house for drug money. Wishing you a boat load of good luck, turning this streak of bad luck around.

  3. So upsetting! It gets the blood pressure up!

    Hope the persons who did this feel guilty and turn themselves in!

  4. good lord~ what a run of todo's... Murphy is alive and well! time for him to moooooove on!

  5. Wow-you are definitely due for some good things:)