Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Cottage

 This morning at the house, after I got done shoveling  :)  It was good for me to get out and about.  The only thing that got really cold was my nose and fingers.
The chair at right was taken last night on one of the dog outs... Notice the little trail, they don't venture far out into the yard. I did sweep off a portion of earth as Luci does not like lowering her belly down into the snow to pee, and she does not have to go too far to get there!!!

Last night with the snow still falling, like the way the flakes show up in a flash picture, cool!!!

My lights in front window with the 'shell' lamp.  LOVE the lighting of the xmas lights in the dark.  when I am ready to go to bed I will turn off everything except leave on the xmas lights and just sit there and look and think about xmases past and people I have spent them with.

Wish I could remember who got me this cute little Santa, LOVE him! Isn't he just the cutest thing???
Sometimes these lights work and sometimes they don't, can't figure it out!  Don't know why they worked last night, as the solar thingy was covered by snow all day, so could not collect sun rays... BUT they were working and shinning on the new snow and were cheerful!! Like the weird light splotches in the lower right hand corner, makes for a weirdness to the picture. Oh, I think that is a reflection of the xmas lights!!!
It is sunny and cold out there today.  Would like to go to the store to get stuff to make blueberry muffins, but don't know if it is worth it.... nah, don't think it is....

Hope everyone is staying warm!!
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Most folks complain about it, me included, but the snow is so beautiful! I really miss it but don't know if I could live in it again.

  2. Oh Loree, you are making me thing I need to quit shoveling and start getting up the Christmas lights! I have a few on the porch and that is it so far.

  3. How about stilts for the dogs' legs so they won't touch the snow when want to pee?

  4. Really beautiful and festive. It is much more holiday feeling than 80 degrees that's for sure.

  5. Jim always had to go shovel a spot for the girls back in Montana. They absolutely refused to get anywhere near the snow. Jim got some lights up outside but I haven't done anything inside yet.

  6. This snowfall has been beautiful to look at - as long as we stay indoors. The beautiful blue sky and sunshine today sure made everything look beautiful - but it sure didn't warm up much.