Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh Dear....

Carl has been sick..... not urping or poops, but lethargic, trembling, whinning... can't open mouth or eat well, altho he had been finishing his food....  last night I guess was the worst, not leaving much time for Brian to sleep... so to the vet went took ourselves.... my goodness, he has a mouth FULL of bad teeth, pus and pockets...  Brian feels so bad he was not on top of this.  So Monday he has surgery.  There goes all the savings I have been hoarding..  I know, I know...   NOT my dog.... but you can't separate a boy/man and his dog, and he is SO lucky to have me!!!!  We make our deals and he owes me  SO BIG time... and AM insisting I get this money back!  The weather has been so mild, that hopefully he will return to work sooner rather than later  :)  Do you pray for dogs??   of course you do!!!
Carl was really quite funny at the doctors, his experience at the docs is to go for mating experiences and he was just sure that was what he was there for and what was going to happen  :)  HA!! Then he was thrilled with all the female attention he got ( the vet is a female, very knowledgable) and she and her assistant were very free with their hugs/ pats/ and kisses... and he (forgive me)  just lapped it up.  Was not his jaunty free spirited self tho, very slow and laid back,smiling self.  poor old boy..... he is on pain pills and anti-biotics-- so hard to see them not themselves....
Luci is fine as frog's hair, working on the other end of that big old bone! She does give him a worried glance every now and then...
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I feel so bad for Carl and I definitely pray for dogs. The Lord loves them also. Sure hope they can clear up his infections and pull the really bad teeth. And I understand why you're coming up with the money. I would do the same.

  2. Hope Carl feels better soon. Maybe the antibiotics will help with the infection and the pain pills will work too. I have a dog with very few teeth ( same problem) and she gets along just fine. She can even gum those chicken strips to death. Yes I know they are not supposed to be good for dogs but it is meat. Both of my dogs have been eating the strips for a good number of years and we have had no problems.

  3. After reading the first of your post, I immediately thought the problem Carl was having might be related to his teeth. So glad you've got that checked out and getting him the help he needs. Taking good care of our dogs is always difficult and expensive, but it's worth it to see them feeling better. Glad that you're willing and able to help.

    Happy to hear that Luci is feeling much better. Nothing wrong with a few prayers for dogs. They are god's creation, and he loves them, too.

  4. Poor Carl. I hope he feels better soon. I wish they could talk when things aren't right. He's such a little cutie-pie, and he'll be feeling so much better soon.

    You're an angel for loaning Brian the money for the Vet bill. But don't push him too hard for the money - he might offer you Carl.

    Sorry about that. I feel so bad I had to make a bad joke. I'll send up some prayers for Carl's quick recovery. :)

  5. Eventually we all have bad teeth, either ours or our pets! When sick, care is important! Let us know what is happening! We are praying for Carl, both greyhounds and humans!

  6. I sort of thought the same thing...teeth. so darn expensive. I have one of those boy/men in my life, but he lives in Missouri. He isn't quite 50 yet, and seems to be figuring it out a bit.

  7. Is Carl doing better now that the antibiotics have kicked in?