Wednesday, January 15, 2014


What GREAT weather we had today!  It was in the 60's! Can a person believe that?  When so cold in so many places.... Was able to get out and DO something in the yard!!! Picked poop  :(  then raked up sticks and leaves from those huge trees in backyard. picked it all up, picked up pine cones from front yard...  Got the pick up started, after charging for awhile.
Brian and I went to Bend to the Wild Rose  which is a Thai Restaurant in the downtown area, on Oregon Street, very eclectic looking, lots of neat things and pictures, exposed rafters and heating tubes on the ceiling.  Funky, beautiful oil cloth table coverings.  Gold silverware with Budda on the handles  :) and wood inserts.  Pottery bowls. AND the food was good.. they have hotness rating from1-5.. I had one and was happy, Brian had 5 and was sweating and happy as a clam!!!!  Also went to Costco and got a 4 foot conference table for the utility room to fold clothes on and set houseplants.... it raises to a stand up height which I wanted...
Good day, lots done
Take Care All!!!!


  1. The table from Costco sounds very useful. Maybe when I'm able to drive again . . .

  2. Well, Loree, since you got the pick up started o.k. why don't you just hop in and drive over the mountain to Eugene. I've got lots of stuff down in the yards, both front and back, and they really are calling for someone with the motivation and energy to get out there and pick them all up! Enjoy your sunshine, it's still foggy and cold here.

  3. I have a friend like Brian. Do they have asbestos mouths? Glad you got a mild spell although picking up poop wouldn't be my favorite activity to do during it. :-)

  4. We would sure like it if we could get that kind of weather for the month of March!