Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Been Gone...

Flew to Ontario, Ca for little Chloe's 3rd Birthday...  Her grandma, known as Nanny, also from Redmond and I flew there Friday and came home today, Tuesday to SNOW in Redmond....  there were flowers blooming and pink trees in Yucaipa!!!!  For heavens sake...  I think Winter had it's chance and now the time should be past!!!
We had a really good time, altho Chloe had a BAD cold and her Nanny and I loaded up on Airborne to keep from 'sharing'  !!!!
Saturday was the party.. then Sunday nanny and I 'borrowed' a car while people were napping and went to the outlet mall that is towards Palm Springs on I-10..  missed 'the game'-  was for the Seahawks and they handily won.  Brian says it was a terrible game, sorry to watch... But Carol in Iowa kept me updated while I was busy power shopping  :)
Monday we were supposed to go to Disneyland...but... Chloe was still snotting and hacking so we did not go, slept in, then drove to Big Bear for lunch and some little shopping, looking at the stores and scenery.. it was a fun day for us and not too taxing....

Isn't she the cutest ever???
  (I mean Chloe of course)

Chloe liked the frosting...

Sunday night Nanny, Sacia and I had a rousing game of Scrabble that I lost, Sacia won, handily and was ecstatic, as she says she never beats Nanny!!!!

Now I am back home to horrid cold... it was not even that warm in Yucaipa..low 50's  but that was a LOT better than what we have right now,  here in Redmond... and there is not a hint of any pink trees anytime soon...

Take Care All


  1. Nice that you could be there to celebrate with the birthday girl. And yes, you are both cute!

  2. Glad you had a good time although you did not tell all about your karaoke!! It was -17 last night, up to 3 and snowing again - suppose to get up to 5" on top of our 8 or so we already have! No pink here either!

  3. Chloe is a beautiful child with a gorgeous smile! I agree, you are both cute.

  4. I am reading your blog on Feedly, where I don't have access to the comment form. I do this often, so sometimes read but don't comment. This was a very nice post, but it was the photo of you that forced me to go click on the website where I could comment and say just how lovely you look with your little one. Truly delightful photo, Loree

  5. Chloe is so cute and so happy! Happy Birthday Chloe, I hope you are feeling better soon. Love the birthday cake, the Minnie Mouse shirt and all the polka dots! What Fun! :)