Saturday, March 15, 2014


 So!!!  today I got out and evened out my lawn border, now that looks much nicer, right?  Want a fence along here.  Also weeded all the sidewalk/street side area.  Think that I lost most of my plantings out there, BUT the yucca came thru and the blue fescue!!!
Tied Luci to my little wagon that I move the weeds and sod to the garbage with.  She was just as happy as a lark to be out in the sun with me.  Had to let me know when anyone came out of their house :)  protecting me..
Oh, this morning one of the doves was dead on the driveway, why would that happen, so sad....  it looked fat and healthy.  Made Brian remove it.  That's what guys are for, right??

Also have the little blue pick up charging....
Guess I am going to have to get a new battery on Monday.

Here are the daffies I first took a picture of a week or so ago,  look how they have grown and almost ready to bud out!!!  Makes me happy, happy, happy..

This is a hollyhock.... long story... it was out by the sidewalk, weird place for it to be, so I moved it,  there was a HUGE root!!!  Then the first year it did not come up at all, last year it came up but did not bloom, just got alot of leaves, close to the ground.... NOW maybe this year it will finally DO something, here's hoping!!!!
Hollyhock on top and lupine on the bottom... am happy that the lupine came up too!!

Another picture of my crocus....  "Muffy's Marks" had some beautiful pictures of cacti flowers, which are so much more beautiful than my simple old crocus, BUT this is what I have and am really excited about them too... altho probably not in the same way as the glory of the desert blooming cacti!!!!
I had a good productive day.... the sun was shining, even had to take OFF my sweatshirt as got too warm working in the yard.
Got my Birthday dress/shoes from Sundance today!!! That was pretty darn exciting and they both fit!!!  The dress was a size 10..!!!  I can barely believe that....  I love getting a dress for my birthday/Easter every year.  My grandpa Larrance used to get me a dress every year.  It makes me feel like I am doing something special for myself and so is he.  He passed away when I was in the 5th grade, massive heart attack while checking on the water system (up in the woods, where he would have wanted to be) where they lived on the Wilson River, near Tillamook.
THIS dress is very special ( I have been looking for a dress for ages, had to send a couple back)  first it is from Sundance, is silk, fully lined, peachy colored, flowers on it and buttons all the way down the front and even needs dry cleaned.... not very practical, but really pretty and it fits!!!!   :)
I am doing the happy dance....
Take Care All!!!


  1. Crocuses have always had a special place in my heart since they are the first bit of color to appear after a snowy winter! I also like the color purple. ;)

  2. I love the crocus as well as daffs, jonquils, and all the spring flowers. I'd love to see a picture of the dress. I'm getting the urge to get a dress but don't have a clue where I would wear it, and then I'd have to get shoes to go with it. I can't figure out why a 73 yr old wants to play dress-ups all of the sudden!

  3. I was so glad that you identified the lupine plants even though it is not in bloom. I see that and wonder what it is!

  4. I love your signs of spring. I'm looking for them everywhere I go. Can't wait to see you in your springy new dress.

  5. These doxies are definitely overprotective. I hope you get blooms on the hollyhock. Did you ever make dolls out of them when you were young? My Grandma had lots of them and I used to play with them for hours.

  6. Your yard looks great! It's encouraging having plants pop up--spring really is just around the corner! This Thursday, the 20th, in fact! Yahoo!! Sure wish we could grow hollyhocks here--not warm enough during the summer. Love your dress story...enjoy wearing what sounds like a beautiful dress!