Friday, May 16, 2014


Detroit Lake, on the way home from Salem....  pit stop  :)

Toby, little Havenese that Carol was house sitting...  nicest little dog.

The rest of the pictures are at  Bauman's Nursery near Woodburn.  They had the most beautiful hanging baskets.  Really healthy looking plants, inside and out.  Clean, clean, clean rest rooms!!!! They also had a bakery and canned goods,  some fresh veggies and gift store items. Crafts.  Almost got one of the wonderful huge bird house/planters.  they were just great and only $53 and were almost as tall as I was!!!
It is just a good thing I don't live near there.  We are very careful buying things like that, as most of the time, the plants are not acclimated to our cold weather and die right away.
Even have problems with things over here at times, most ALL of the things I got at one greenhouse here died last winter and were supposed to be ok for this area, or at least one would think so... not so....
All y fesque I got at Lowe's survived tho,  but not the heather, who can tell???

Just look at these baskets!!!!  Wonderful
Have just been laying low, doing house bound things, clean, wax, dust, dogs in & out, in & out. Then there is the never ending yard work, which is certainly gratifying but does go on.. things are looking good around here tho, think I have gotten it down to what needs to be done and when and for how long  :)  AND I have finally discovered if I stay home and not roam around, I save money.. no place to spend it here, unless I get on the computer and order   :)
Take Care All & God Bless....


  1. I think I already told you, but I love Bauman's even more than Al's. Aren't those hanging baskets just huge?????

  2. I just might have to get me a hanging basket when I go into town tomorrow. I'd also love to have a tomato plant or two, but I think the deer would make short order of them.

  3. I'm the same way - if I don't go anywhere I don't spend money. But today I turned the TV on and scrolled through a couple of channels when I hit QVC and saw the most amazing dress. There goes my willpower.

    The flowers are really pretty. Isn't Detroit Lake on or near the PCT? The name is familiar.

  4. No, I think Detroit Lake is too low in altitude... the trail runs thru Santiam Pass. that is where I think the signage is....