Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show

Once again forged out and ahead to the SISTERS QUILT SHOW!!!!  Left the house at 8am and Sacia and her Grandmother were Already there!!  She texted it was crowded.  And Boy was it!!!

And it seemed this year that everyone had an agenda and 'get out the way!!'  They reroute traffic and open the streets to pedestrians only.  Sisters has also been completing a road/curb repair and have been trying to get that done before this show, I think,  It looked really nice.  But there is parking way out on streets far from downtown and then walking to the area and back and it was really HOT!!!   But took my bottle of water and plugged on.  But all the quilts were lovely.  I got my poster, so was happy, happy....

I love looking at the backs as well as the fronts..

Got pics of the cardinals for friends in Iowa.. they made for pretty quilts.....
Will feature different ones in the coming days, then there will be something interesting other than the samo-samo  :)

Friends in Iowa also welcomed a new addition to their not so small family now... Juniper Leigh  7# 3oz and 20".....  such a happy time for them!!!!

take Care All & God Bless!!


  1. I love looking at the quilt backs too. Are any of them hand made anymore or all by machine?

  2. So nice to see you made it to the show again. We managed last year, but didn't try this year. As you said, hot hot hot, and so incredibly crowded. I know I will have to do it again sometime, but who knows when. Love seeing the quilts, so nice to see your photos.

  3. My Favorite! Thanks! From your Iowa friend!

  4. I love quilt shows, and Sisters is a really nice one. Beautiful quilts! :)