Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Cows!!

 Loved these, they were so very colorful!  And varied, yet of the same theme.  People's imagination is really something else, would you not say??
Love all the flowers..

This one had tassels on the tibbies  :)  Funny....
Today is overcast, but still 81 in the house, fans going like crazy.. a little windy out, but gently, oh so gently...
Went to the Summer Fest in Downtown Bend yesterday evening and all of the little vendors of special things were closed up!!  at 6pm.. really?  And the food court behind the Wells Fargo, in their parking lot...hmmmmm....  was HOT!!  Loud-loud music.... think they were getting ready for the evening crowd.  I sat on the curb, waiting for Sacia & Chloe (bathroom)  Boy, there are a lot of people with ugly feet!!!!
Take Care all


  1. LOL at your comment about ugly feet. It is such a riot to just sit and look at people's shoes and feet. What variety. But I think those quilts are UDDERLY magnificient!! What fun!

  2. These quilts are artwork not bed linen. I am in a women's group where have of them are quilt artists. One does thread art. Very intimidating to be in such a crowd of women with so much talent. Although, IF I owned a sewing machine, and IF I had the time, and IF I had the desire, I think I could do the stripe thing as well!