Monday, August 25, 2014

This Morning!!!

 At Sunshine cottage..  NOW what are you going to do Mom???

Busy Morning!!  Saturday night, Brian got a flat tire by Newberry Crater.  Has NO spare, as he would rather have a stereo system in his car trunk, don't u know!  So I had to go get him and get a tow truck with my smart phone, love that speaking Google feature, ask a question and Siri?? answers...  It is about 35 miles from Redmond.  THEN this morning had to go take him to work then back to Lapine, where we had the car towed, to Les Schwab for tires. $75 to tow to Lapine and $250 to Redmond.. good gravy.  Will have to go back again this afternoon to pick him up from work, take him back to Lapine, get him signed up for an account and get the car.  He had been saving for new tires, but had not quite gotten there yet, and this them made it an urgent issue.  What is that saying.. "a lack of planning on your part does not make for an emergency on MY part"  Hahahahahahahaha
then I when I got home this morning and had recycling to do, poop to pick, plants to put in, sweep sidewalks and garage..  looked at zuchinni, oh my gosh, many more in there!!!!  It is still darn exciting!  Start dishes, clean up kitchen, clothes to wash...  bathroom to clean, floor to run dust mop over....  always something to do!!!

Have these coming up willy nilly all over the yard...

 My zuchinni this morning!!!  Think I will make some more bread, Brian ate that right down.... also have enough to sauté with onions for dinner tonight, never tire of that!

Aren't these just beauties?  Isn't it amazing these come out of little seeds planted June 9th!

Rained last night and pollen got all over the day lilies before I was able to get a good picture

One of the new plants I put in,  some I put in last year did not come up this year, supposed to be perennials,  one has a small bush but no blooms, so will try some more, as I love these!!

This is something I picked up at an Estate sale Saturday for $1...score!!!  will have one of
'the boys' nail this to the fence.. cute huh???  Also found one of the Diana Galbadon "Outlander" books that I loaned out and never got back and need my set complete.. $2...  some Scottish highlands music..  cd... a Land's End fleece jacket for $2.  Walked around the Old Mill Dist again as they were having an Art Fair, well.... I could never afford any of that Art,  pretty, even some beautiful things but right out of my sphere of even understanding.  think I like my own pictures for art  :)
That was my week end and today's exciting exhilarating enjoyable and energetic happenings....

Take Care All


  1. The zucchini looks even better to me than the flowers, which are beautiful by the way. I should go to an Estate sale now and then but just don't have the patience to look through stuff.

  2. The sun flowers truly are willy- nilly. Could not believe you have one growing out of a concrete seam in the driveway! Live the little houses. Continuing to read the first Outlander book today. Hope to have it done by the end of the week!

  3. My cucumbers a zucchini have been unltra-prolific this year. I tried a new thing with zucchini that was so yummy. Cut zucchini into french fry size pieces. drizzle with olive oil then coat with Parmesan cheese (the kind that comes in the can). You can spice up the cheese with some garlic powder, seasoned salt, parsley flakes, whatever. Spread coated zucchini pieces on baking sheet and bake at 400* until browned and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. YUMMY!

  4. Nice pictures:) I have also made a note to check my tire condition before upgrading any sound system items:)

  5. Love your estate sale finds. The bird house/feeder will be so cute!!!

  6. Like your Zuchinni Loree.. To bad you never think of me to go do things with any more??? But that's ok I understand. you seem to be keeping very busy this summer. Guess you will be leaving soon to go on your fall trip. Have a wonderful time.

  7. Your list of things you did made me very tired. But the picture of Carl perked me right up. Thanks!

  8. A big coincidence. My second son had a wheel blow yesterday. Safe and scary.

  9. When I worked in Social Services that was one of the sayings they had - people never planned for things, then we were expected to take care of their emergencies. Of course we did, that was our job.

    The veggies look wonderful - I sure miss having a garden. Enjoy seeing your flower and zuchinni photos.