Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This morning woke up at 3;25am  to get Patty off, stepped out of bed into my water glass all over the carpet, to the kitchen, set glass on the counter, get the paper towels, knock the glass onto the floor, where it crashes into shards, wth????  in my bare feet, so Patty has to help sweep things up and use wet paper towel to get all of the tiny little shards off the floor.  I mean really???
She did get off on time and in good order,  but had to have her backpack inspected piece by piece and each piece sent thru the scanner like she had some horrid foreign substance in it!!!  Really???  She has finally gotten on her final flight out of Denver and is one the final stages for delivery in Moline by 9pm..  long, long day
While I have picked poop, mowed the lawn and edged.. and washed all the bedding we have used in the last two weeks and remade beds, then took a nap...  dogs in and out per normal  :)
Horrible news still, so sad and alarming....  who are these people?? Never heard of them before...
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I will be flying to NY in less than 3 wks, and going through the scanners and security process is something I'm trying to not think about. It's why I usually drive across the country every year.

    I hate having to clean up broken glass and worry I'll never get it all.

  2. Had a great time and Carol picked me up and delivered safely to my own home. Lots of dust collected while I was gone so had a little cleaning to do of my own.