Monday, September 22, 2014


Am happy for LOTS of zucchini... six of them today!!!  Am grating it all for Winter use..  we are tired of fried zucchini and zucchini bread.  Will give away half of these plus a loaf of bread  :)  There are only a couple little ones left on the vines and the vines are starting to dry out or wilt or something, they are tired.... I water every other day now.  Aren't they healthy looking tho?
Went to the gym today, on treadmill for 45 minutes then to a Centergy class, a combination of yoga and pilates... and those sun salutations just do me in..... I just do what I can and about 3/4 of way thru just have to lay there for awhile and re-group...really.....

Take Care All!!


  1. I remember the days of too many zucchini. And way too big. Yours look great.

  2. Your Centergy class sounds very renewing! I'll bet you sleep well the days you have class!

  3. You look like a pretty and happy happy farmer with your crop of zucchini!

  4. Everything looks just wonderful, Loree, both the zucchini and you! thank goodness for spell check. I never thought about the h in Zucchini! What discipline, wish I would get back on a treadmill...alas...too far to get to town for a gym, no room for a treadmill at home, and well...I just don't get out to walk nearly enough any more, at least not on a regular basis. You are an inspiration.