Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast Awareness

Well, it is quite interesting to watch a football game with 3 guys, who know the game in and out and I still get innings and quarters confused  ;0 and why are they going in opposite directions now??
The conversation;
Me, " What is with all the PINK!!"
Brian, "What?"
Me, " The white uniform guys have on PINK shoes!!"
Brian, "Oh, It's breast awareness!"
Me, " I think you mean Breast Cancer Awareness???  Maybe..."
Brian, "Oh!!  Maybe I left out a word there"
Me, "Well, yes, sort of gives it a different meaning.."
Brian, " Well, I am always aware of breasts!!"
Me, "Indeed.."
Brian, "I suppose they would say that is sexual harassment.. forgetting or leaving out that word!"
In the background, the brothers are guffawing and rolling on the floor....  but I think I made them miss a play and that is a bad thing... not the same to see it on replay apparently, which happens all the time, the replays...
It was a good game, and interesting to see all the PINK shoes, gloves, burp cloths.. and you know they have a "drink" guy that squirts Gatoraide into the players mouths all the time,  (on the sidelines)without them even asking for it.  Keep those boys hydrated I guess!!! talk about service...
Take Care All


  1. The boys have part of the awareness focused. I am impressed they noticed the pink footware:)

  2. Haha, typical male response. I don't watch any sports unless it happens to be on when I am visiting someone.

  3. LOL hilarious conversation. But at least they had "sort of" a clue. Pink shoes, I had no idea. Probably better to donate the huge cost of those to research for a cure unless they buy the whole team new shoes for every game.