Monday, October 27, 2014

day one

This is on the trip to Boston.. don't know if it comes thru but there was vibrant red color on the ground, like cinders and I thought wow, did not know there were cinders like that in Michigan, as the pilot had just told us we were just going over Lake Michigan and had passed Green Bay.  THEN it occurred to me that, no, it was NOT cinders it was the leaf color!!!  the red leaves of all the trees.. how cool

 It does not appear that I got the color to well, it was striking, let me just say...
Then there was this sign at the airport....  You know the Boston airport is functional, but does not have much of a personality.  It just seems that the Portland airport is more homey and relaxing.  More places to sit and wait, and things to see, shops...  Not so much in Boston.  AND on the trip home,  geez,  we had a 7 hour wait, can you believe?  Poor planning or not asking the right ???  Got dropped there at 10am and could not even check the bags at Alaska airlines until 2p. and there was not anyplace hardly to sit and no restaurants until you got thru the TSA and by then you no longer have your bags as they are checked...

 This is a statue of Paul Revere.. do you think he was really that studly looking???  And look at that marvelous horse, just about perfect.

This park was behind the statue leading up to the back of the Old North Church.  It was very nice, hard to walk on, note cobbled/brick street.. and it was very clean.
 Getting to this point was interesting, there was this monument to what ever, did not ever find out, maybe the bombing last year? Don't know, it was very pretty and all lit up, in a little ally.
Lots of little businesses, and ally ways.  People parking half in road and half on sidewalk.  Brick, brick everywhere. Had to watch your step, bumpy, up and down, door steps sticking out, electrical poles, light posts, all imbedded in the sidewalk. Not a lot of people tho... but it was early, 8-9a...  They opened up the Old North Church just for us... more pics of that tomorrow...

This was the front door of this house, very narrow.   Lots of iron work

Some of Boston's finest above,  and this street was in front of the Old North Church.. facing the church and looking to the left.. 
Look at how narrow....  But then this has all been here forever, long before cars... but you would think there would have to be room for wagons too.  I remember mom saying the streets in Canby (Oregon) were so wide so a team of horses could make a turn.  Certainly not the case here. Must have had one way streets forever.
It was an overcast day, but not rainy. Rather cold tho  :)


  1. I spent some time in Boston but I was working and sight seeing was so limited. I hated driving out of that airport. We were there in the middle of the Big Dig and what a mess. Love your pictures.