Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sew Many Quilts

Last Saturday was my Santa Workshop class, it was an all day affair, 10am to 4pm.  Made 3 projects, they served lunch, two great soups, rolls, then TONS of desserts.  Their store is all decked out for Xmas and had to take some pictures to show...  there are SO many things to see, just inspirational.  Have got to get going and DO some of these!!  One step at a time, then lo and behold you are done!!!

Cute little apron.  Can't get blogger to work correctly to place cursor at top of the page, so that 1st picture, is some of the Downton Abby fabric line,  so pretty and love the quilt, light and shadow!

It was a cold, cold day.. This is the tree in the front of my house.  All the snow is gone now, just cinders all over the roads.  It was pretty while it lasted tho.  This is nature imitating what I like to put on my tree, ice!!

I liked these colors and line also, pretty neutral, but what a cool way to put them together!

Snowman above was one of the decorations in the store,  that jute fabric is all the rage now, I guess, looks pretty homespun to me.  We got a jute bag with all of our project pieces in it,  was so nice to get gifts too!!
To the left is one of the projects we made,  Such a cute thing!  they had the head all stitched together and we just had to stuff then stitch on the buttons and glue on the nose, gather the top of the hat, then hot glue all the pieces together, it was a fun/cute project to do!!!
There was also an embroidery tree placed in a frame and a pillow with snowball faces blanket stitched on.  And I have finished ALL of them.  Also worked on a candle mat with apples blanket stitched on..  have had it forever and finally was inspired to finish!!!  I would not have a feeling of boredom (at times) if I would just get in and DO all of the different projects that I have laying about, waiting for me to hop on them!!  haha
I did get pictures hung here in the house tho, finally, needed to get that done before people showed up tomorrow.  Went to Lowe's and found  'brick hangers' little things that clamp onto a brick wall and it enables you to hang pictures without having to drill a hole!!.  I have a brick wall behind the Monitor stove I have and has bugged me ever since I have been in here as it is 'wasted' space where there is no way to hang anything.... ah-ha, not so grasshopper!!!!  Now rather than have pictures leaning against the wall near the floor, I have them hanging.  I am SO very pleased and Lowe's went out of their way to find them for me.  the guy had not a clue what I was looking for, but went on his handy computer and found they had 18 in stock!!!!  Then it was just finding the right aisle and block they were in.  they are not very big either, so it was hard to find them amid all the nuts and bolts and different screws and what nots!!!!

Take Care All  & God Bless

My turkey is well on the way to the table, with prep all done, just the dressing and cooking to do tomorrow  :)

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  1. Actually, you can get too many projects going at once if you aren't careful...and then the deadlines show up...and you want to get more and more and this one and that are talking to a quilter here, Loree...and of course, one of those low key neutral quilts is on my list. I think they are so lovely, in so many different patterns. Fabric is addictive! Congrats on all your finishes! Cute