Thursday, November 6, 2014


This is Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

Today was my cataract surgery, and I whipped myself into a frenzy... what with the vandalizism of dad's flag and this event have not been getting much sleep.  Just letting everything bother me!!
Was supposed to be at 8:30am and they set it back to 9:15a, , then they were running behind, as had a retina problem with the 1st surgery  :(   SO, did not get in until 11am and by that time the little anxiety pill they gave me had worn out, and I remembered the last time,,, and did not want to do that again.. but needed to, so I started hyperventilating, getting anxious.  SO I got a interveinous drug  :)  and that just smoothed me right out...  shot STILL hurt.. then into the surgery room and STILL hurt so got even more nummy in the eye (yes, that is what they called it!!)  So, then was finally able to relax.  but here it is almost 4p and am still numb!!!  AND those drops I need to use, burn... see I am a wuse of the 1st order!!!!  Tomorrow is a check up with the surgeon, then just check ups with the opthamologist and new glasses in 4-6 weeks.  wahoooo.... maybe I will be able to see most things clearly again  :)  Which will make me most happy.  Have been slowing on the reading as I can't read for long lengths of time, without getting really tired eyes....  Hopefully this will solve that problem.  Also can't focus the camera well as can't see in the view finder!  I am sure all of this will be solved in time.

Take Care All, Take care of yourselves.....


  1. You are not a wuss Dolores! It was your eye! So very glad things went well with the surgery itself!

  2. My 1st cataract surgery wasn't bad at all, but they had a regular anesthetist. When I had the 2nd eye done, they used a nurse who was trained to do the anesthesiology, but I;m sure I didn't geet the same kind of pain killer and it really hurt. Plus I was pretty much awake during the whole thing. When someone cuts on me I want to be totally out. You will be so glad when you are able to see so much better.

  3. When it comes to pain and eyes I am right there with you in the wuss department. Just keep telling yourself that it will be worth it in the long run.

  4. Boy I don't blame you. Were your eyes really bad? Around here you have to be pretty nearly blind before they will take your cataracts out. Or I should say before any insurance company will pay for it. Hope everything turns out very very well. Sounds scary to me messing with my eyes.

  5. I would have been there with you if you had called me but you never talk to me any more. So I am glad that everything went well. I only check your blog and that is how I find out how you are doing because you never talk to me any more. Best of luck to your new sight. I do remember when you had your first eye surgery and you were driving on the parkway and you said "have those houses on Awbry Butte been there I can really see them"! OH well Glad you are OK...

  6. Sounds like a totally awful day, but at least it's over. I hope things are calm and good now. I hope I never need that, although I did have laser surgery for long distance correction. I don't know if that's similar, and it was a long time ago, but I can still see long distances just fine. It will be soooo worth it for you to have this done.

  7. David had his first eye done on October 9th and he said it was great. Just a little burning when they stuck the needle in his cheek, but other than that it went really well.
    The second eye he had done a couple of weeks later and he said that it was about the same only he felt the shot...but it wasn't horrific.

    The thing he hated the worst...was all the dang drops you have to put in your eyes. He couldn't manage to do it himself so I did them for him.

    Now, he is having a tiny bit of trouble with his last eye as there was swelling in his cornea...but after a few weeks, it's getting better. He goes back to his regular Eye Dr. on the 19th and he is hoping he can get released to go back to work.

    He probably would have been back to work already but because his right eye was still blurry and he is a truck wasn't safe.

    But, I have a lot of Honey Do's getting done now that he was released to do anything but drive!!

    Hang in there, you will be so happy you did this. Did you go to Orion??


  8. If it helps any I always am a basket case when I have to face that kind of medical stuff:(

  9. If it helps any I always am a basket case when I have to face that kind of medical stuff:(