Monday, December 1, 2014

Lovely Morning...

Got all ready to go to Bend, went out and LOOK what was out there!!!
Freezing rain!!! 18*  Waited awhile and things got better and did go in to town.  Got my reprints at Costco and guess what???  Those irreplaceable negatives that I could not find???  They were at Costco!!!  Already!!! But did not get the ones done I wanted to get done, like I could not see them at the time I was trying to hurry and order the ones I did.  I mean really???  I looked ALL over this house for those darn things.... and there they were, like magic.  I would have sworn I did not take them.  Well obviously or I would not have looked high and low for them.  I mean, really?? It really makes one wonder about oneself.

Take Care All


  1. Oh well............. at least you found them. That must have been a real treat!