Friday, January 30, 2015

Mississippi Musings

This was taken as we were leaving Davenport, Iowa 1-19-15 at 7am.. Sun rising, river flat as can be and NO ice!!

This was about half way thru our visit. Frozen in spots but clearing up, weather was not quite as cold as when we first got there.  I have been there when it was so windy there were waves.  When the barges were all lined up waiting to get thru the locks.  Have not seen it but been told that at times the waves even freeze...  some times it is misty and foggy. Have seen the summer sailing races, which are really fun to watch!

This was the river when we first got to Iowa on 1-6-15...  Really, really cold and just about frozen all the way across.  There are many views of the Mississippi and many places to see it.  Have crossed it in Hannibel, MO and Memphis, TN and further North in Dubuque, IA and South in Burlington, IA and New Orleans, LA!!!  Many, many views, many miles apart.  But nothing like the diversity right in Davenport, IA... Spring, Summer, Fall and now winter!!!

Take Care All!!


  1. I love the changing views of the Mississippi. I feel fortunate to live here.

  2. We crossed a few years ago at Memphis and the river was so high, we were one of last folks to cross the bridge before they closed the road. The Mississippi continues to rock in spite of our silly efforts to control her. Roll on mighty river!