Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sky Deck, Chicago

Oh, NOW I can access this part of the blog... would not let me on it at 1st and things are a little off center.  The picture of me alone I was sitting on the clear floor and you can see the city behind me!!

Today we went to the Willits Tower in Downtown Chicago. Brian had a certain amount of trepidation in going up to the 103rd floor, then stepping out onto the SkyDeck, but with a certain amount of teasing he finally did it and so now he can say he 'did it'

This is the view looking down thru the 'floor' to the streets below and the tops of other buildings.  We spent quite a while up there, saw the sun set and the city lights come on, it is truly beautiful.  Also had gone before this to the Natural History Museum by Soldier's Field, so got to see the ball stadium too.  And a number of the exhibits.. quite astounding!!!!  Ate lunch at an Italian place and dinner at a pizza place, had the Chicago deep dish.... really, really good....  home at 11:30pm.  Carl is sick!!! Had what in a human is a mini stroke, been to the vet and had a cold lazer treatment, the housesitter/ dog sitter/ friend is doing a GREAT job and was right on it!!!!  He is doing much better. We are leaving for home on Monday....  Take Care All and God Bless... Pray for good old Carl and a complete recovery.  He is a little disoriented  and unsteady on his feet...

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  1. Oh my goodness, 103 floors! The see-through floor is what would have done me in. I've been to the top of the Empire State Bldg several times, but could never do it again, I hope Carl gets well soon and doesn't have any lasting effects of his illness.