Sunday, June 28, 2015


Not much happening here, just trying to stay cool and the garden watered... Think it was 101 on Friday.  I have a huge fan that I sit in front of and the doggies on the floor in front of it too!! Gave Luci a cool bath and she was downright frisky afterward, so cute.  I just drag the hose from here to there in the yard.. But the garden seems to be doing great.  Lots of blooms on the tomatoes, Potatoes getting high, no carrots or pumpkins tho  :(    Zuchinni coming up and beans are good to GO. Put in some marigolds, mom used to always have them around the garden, said they deterred some of the bugs, we will see.  The bean leaves are getting eaten.  And had strawberries on my two little plants and something ate them, probably the birds.  Have about 20 blueberries.... the first year, last year there were gobs on, but not this year...
This is just quite the heat wave and I find it really debilitating, can only take off so many clothes  :)
Take Care all, stay cool as can be!!


  1. Yeah, that heat is a bummer! It is worse over in the valleys on the west side, but still much too hot for what we are used to here on the east side of the Cascades. Just think, poor Judy is all chilly in the fog over at Harris Beach. Geez. Glad you have a fan at least. Here in the forest at Rocky Point it stays cool in the house, but not so at the Grants Pass cottage, so we are glad to be back home.

  2. Virginia has the heat too. Currently it's a low 80's break before heading back into the mid 90's. At least we haven't hit the triple digits YET!

  3. Oh no - not more zucchini!!!