Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Going On

Just 'normal' days.  we have had thunder storms and pouring rain.. lots of rain in a short period of time.  the garden grew by leaps and bounds.  Have REALLY tall potato plants, hope they are doing well underground too!! :)  have lot o beans, little green tomatoes, had to put the netting over them as deer were out there nibbling!!!! Lemon cukes coming up from two different plantings.  Have some more volunteer squash plants, remember I had them also the 1st year I was here, don't know where they come from.  Probably two houses down as they have a really large garden and area where they have squash planted.... have jalapeneos coming up!!!!  the zuchinni is not doing well, but is there, so we will see.  Just been hunkering down, trying to stay cool and watering things, mowing lawn, dogs in and out, geez, what a pain.. but they are loves... dentist on Friday, Sisters Quilt Show this week end and Summer Fest in Bend.  LOTS of traffic in Bend, had to go in today as a friend was in town and Carol had a little lunch for her, fun to see her.  Life changes, things move around, I am not good with changes, even when I am the moving party, it is something to be gone thru, step by step towards the end and what was working towards, sometimes with anticipation and some times with overwhelming dread.  Things are just going along happily and slowly here in Redmond tho
Take Care All and God Bless

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