Sunday, August 2, 2015


 The Class of 1965!!!
OMG... how does that happen?
There aren't enough words to describe what this is like, to go and see these people that we all started out at the same small place.  In Redmond, Oregon, population 4,000 at the time. I think it is upwards to 12,000 now!!  There were 152 in our class, I do believe.  We lost 2 in Viet Nam..just right away, they weren't even over there all that long. It was really very, very sad. Many to illness of course, one to a suspected murder in Idaho.. auto accidents. One passed just 10 days before the reunion. Some were sick and not able to attend.
I got one of these 'mums' once for a homecoming date...
Probably one of the only dates I had in high school.  :)

You know life is a fickle thing...

Here is a very dear friend that I got reacquainted with AND she lives here in Redmond.. so very excited to maybe get to do some things with her, even if just lunch now and again. You know, you can go toa function, no matter what it is and you never know a soul.  She also does Stampin' Up card making, so maybe we can go to some of those events together, we have different suppliers, so that is why we haven't met doing that yet. Her and her husband are BIG geo cachers.... (is that how you spell that)
AND here is John S....  he was in every class I had as a freshman, sat right next to me in most classes and had to have the window open ALL the time, even when there was SNOW and bitter cold.. he said he still is hot all the time and runs AC most of time!!!! 
It was just strange seeing them all 50 years later, as older people... bald, wrinkled, lots of white hair  :)  oh my goodness.... grandchildren and even LOTS of great grand children, time marches on
 but, I think a good time was had by all....
We will go on....
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Our 50th will be in two years. We had a fabulous 40th reunion and that was marvelous fun. Also from a small school - 128 in our class. Sad to see how many have already left us. Glad you had such a great time. And you need to stay in touch with them.

  2. It's been 50 years for me too. Can't say that I'd remember much of anyone if I attended a reunion.

  3. You must have started school at a very young age you look fantastic and your outfit is really nice too