Monday, September 21, 2015

Afternoon Stroll

On little farm near us... these are such pretty trees, birch?
they are building a house on our little lane, big news.  It is a Hayden Home, low income... These two lots have been for sale as long as I have been here and sold just recently..

There have been two houses that have sold and new people moved in, the young girl of the couple across from me came and introduced herself.  There are also two other houses empty, no signs on them.. repos??? Who knows? One was for sale for awhile and now has a sticker on the window that it is government owned??? someone comes once and awhile to mow, no water on it now for two years and the tree in front yard is dying.. Feel like going over next time they come around and ask what is going on, cuz I am snoopy...

LOVE these little straw flowers. these are a couple houses down and she has quite a nice garden, am going to have to go over and talk to her, have done so a couple of times,,, but should do more often...

Did not take a 'bag' with me this time as Luci has not 'gone' the last couple of times I have taken her out, and guess what??? YES!!! So had to walk home, get a bag and go back, can't in all good conscience just leave a bomb in someone's yard.  Maybe they were sitting in their house, watching, and saw what a bad dog walker I was  Just goes to show, should ALWAYS take a bag, no matter....

tomorrow taking dogs to bathe and get nails done.  Wed have a 'card' party to go to.  and Thursday evening have a Cabi party to go to, they are SO very fun, even if the clothing is rather expensive... it is the occasion and coming together of a group of women, talking.  the presentation is fun, they show how everything goes together, mix and match. And it is good quality' stuff'...

Trying to get together with a fellow blogger next week sometime.  I need to get out, out of town, out of normal- have been having an increasingly difficult time going anywhere, just easier to sit in my little home and do things here.  Since the surgery end of April have been going thru a depression of sorts, I believe and have not completely gotten back to 'normal'. Even had a crying jag yesterday when thinking of leaving town, weird, huh? I just have to FORCE myself to leave when I do go, even to the gym or to the grocery store.. At least I am aware of what is going on and am working on trying to correct, trying to get out and do things again, travel.... It's like my 'gut' feeling is that I should not be going anywhere, should just stay stagnate.  Have a friend that is going to culver with me, and travel out of town, if that goes thru.... So am trying... lots of people don't go anywhere, are always right at home... but that is not the norm for me.... It is giving such a twisting, sinking feeling in my chest when I even think of it.......

Take Care all & God Bless


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  2. I am finding myself wanting to stay home more than I did even a year ago. Of course I'm writing this from NY where I will be for another week so it's not like I never go out. But when I get back I just want to vegetate a home, go to the gym or the farmers market when I feel like it, and avoid people for a while. I think we are both normal, and it will pass.

  3. I struggle with not wanting to leave the house at times also. Especially in the evening. Not sure why, but I always feel like I am missing out on good things!