Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall readiness

Rain and overcast this morning. now it is much brighter..
Have not been able to get myself up for the 8am yoga class, well did on Monday and have high hopes for Friday!! :) also taking a class on thursdays again In the evening.... so do enjoy that class and the instructor, she is so caring and makes sure you are positioned right.
Been raking leaves, yes ALREADY!!! Have filled TWO huge garbage cans FULL.... it is good exercise and must say that I do enjoy doing that, then the yard is all cleaned up and nice looking, does that make me just really weird  :)
Been working on getting the yard ready for the Fall season, putting the chairs away, picking up, putting away, making room, one thing leads to another.. Silly dogs always have to go into the yard and look/sniff about to see what I have hanged, give their approval and 'mark' their spots... hee-hee :)
Pulled out the squash plants that I watered all summer and did not even get 10 squash off of them, what with the deer and all, oh, well, think if they come up next year will just pull them out right away and not 'waste' the water.
Tomatoes are still going gang busters!!!
Have had a couple of lunches with friends, and went to see "War Room" very inspirational, I liked it..but the woman lead, can't remember her name, is a minister and she did the video we did a bible study on Gideon, which I really enjoyed, she is very passionate.
Doing a HUGE laundry today, with sheets and everything, makes me feel so good and clean when that is all done and put away, such an accomplishment and so very, very grateful I have my own washer/dryer to be able to do this/  Remember doing it in the RV and traipsing back and forth all day! Makes a person so thankful for the comforts and conveniences of a fully equipped home.... I think of that every time.
Not much else to impart, just daily ins and outs
Take Care & God Bless ALL


  1. I've never liked laundry mats, even the nice ones. Maybe I'll start raking my leaves as they fall. I have enough to rake now but a million of them waiting to fall. I know what you mean when the yard is clean. I wish I had a yard