Monday, November 9, 2015

a find!

Look what I found at an estate sale this week end!!! And it is handmade, cross stitch, must have taken someone hours and hours!! And I only paid $3.... guess all those doily's I have made are not going to get top dollar huh??? But it is the puzzle, for me, of getting it done and figuring out the pattern and to finish.. some times for me that is a key..  Oh, It is a table cloth and have it on the table right now...

I am such a procrastinator... and sometimes will do anything rather than what I know am supposed to do.  Today I cleaned house..rather than make phone calls.  BUT did finally make the calls I was supposed to.. and they are not horrid, awful calls either, to the veterinary for more pills for Carl, to make an appt for  mammogram, and to the cement people as they have not yet sent me a receipt, why I need one I don't know, but think I should have one!! Also have to find a new doctor as my primary is moving, this is her last month, just when I find one I like!!! Don't like change like that and making a call to find a new one is really acknowledging that I need a new one, but better to do that now than to wait until I am actually sick..  I guess...
So.... accomplished something, even on my 'to do' list....
is it really cleaning and de-cluttering when you are merely re-arranging?? moving something from the kitchen to the garage, until you can bring yourself to make a final decision.... finding a box and a little space for said item out there in the hinterland??  Hahahaha
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Now that was a real bargain! I know what you mean about procrastinating...

  2. Procrastinate! did someone call me?

  3. Nice tablecloth, I like buying old textiles. Procrastination is my middle name, hate making phone calls.

  4. All the work and time that went into that beautiful tablecloth. Boy did you get a good buy. Had to laugh about moving something from room to room. I'm famous for doing that.