Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Snow!!!

Yes, we have snow and they do NOT want to go out!  Only for short spurts to do business, then back in fast, thank you very much.
 Had a flurry of activity this morning cleaning house in prep for holiday, not that I expect anyone, BUT I feel better in clean surroundings :) before putting out all the decorations and things to remind me of the season.  Put all their bedding in the wash too and they are mightily upset, old Carl lays in front of the heater and stares at me, like WHERE is my bed!!!  I have to lock him in the bedroom when cleaning as he takes exception to the vacuum and tries to kill it!! He knows when I start picking up the rugs that he needs to go in the bedroom with the door closed.  Even went into the garage when I put Brian to work vacuuming his bookself, that must have had 2 years dust accumulation on it!!
 And yes, he was laid off yesterday.  those bums he worked for, I swear, never said thank you, he never missed ONE day of work!! Was never late.  The lead men got turkey baskets but not any of the lowly worker bees that did all the work.  His last supervisor did not even DO any work, would stop by and tell them what needed done, then take off for the day and come back at the end of the day and wonder why they had not finished.  And he did that because he knew Brian would follow thru and knew what needed to be done and could do it!! Brian finally told him, if they had a little help now and again maybe they could get everything done in ONE day!!!  He makes lots of money for them getting things done on schedule as bid and is very knowledgable in all phases of construction landscaping and operation of machinery, yet he never gets any cudos for a job well done or even done at all, no wonder he made plans to go to another company next year.  He could have left half way thru the season as this other company wanted to hire him for some prevaling  wage jobs. jobs funded by Fed Government, like parks and highway right of ways, but he felt it was important to stay where he had started the season as they had bid on jobs based on his being there, then they treat him like this with no thanks for the season or work done..  Bums I tell you!!! Well, there is my little rant for the day..  :)

The snow is pretty but it is messing with my lunch plans and got some Cuties that I want to share with friends, but can't them to Bend now.... oh well, am sure this is not going to last too long, never seems to.  Sure is pretty tho, as long as I can stay in and look out :)
Stay warm and safe... Take Care and God Bless


  1. So sorry to hear about Brian's job. Dogs sure are funny creatures:)

  2. Some employers are Bums, hope Brain can start the other job sooner now. the other places will miss him and regret what they did.

  3. There is no doubt that those BUMS are going to regret their decision when things go to hell. That is really too bad. Good luck with the new job. You'd better hurry and get that bed back to Carl with that evil eye he is giving you. Our girls don't even want to go out if it's a little bit cold let alone if there is snow out there. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Good for you, Mom!!! Rant away!! I would be so mad, too!!! It's hard to watch our kids work so hard and get little to no credit for a job well done. My Son drives car service for a living and while his boss does compensate him and appreciates him, some customers aren't too appreciative when he goes out of his way to drive them in terrible storms to get them to the airport or other destination on time. He is out there rain, snow and sunshine....and like last night...he was out ALL NIGHT in the snow and horrible driving conditions! Of course, some customers are very appreciative and show it with a nice tip!!

    My hubby also works very hard and it's so hard for me to see him working his buns off, at 71, when guys half his age sit around in the break room drinking coffee, waiting be told what to do, when there are things to get done. Yet the boss does nothing about it. Bad leadership, if you ask me. David refuses to sit around. If there is nothing to do, rather than sit around on company time, he'll clock out and come home.

    We have lots of snow here in Culver, poor Annie goes outside and it's up to her belly...and she isn't a tiny dog, as you well know. Was up till the wee hours this morning, trying to get her to go outside....and she would go out and then stand there....finally she laid down in it...and I couldn't get her back in, till hubby got up and helped get her in.
    Good luck to your Son.....too bad that other company doesn't realize what they just lost!!