Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Veteran's Day parade....  here it comes... on a cold, blustery day, there was a good turn out of people. You can see the overcast skies in the pictures... later I went to Bend and it even rained there. 

Color guard, I have always thought it would be fun to do this, but I have no part of my uniform left

:( don't know what I was thinking, I guess that I would never fit into that again!!

 Above is an motocycle honor guard that helps with military funerals around the area...

We even have marching bands!!!  There has not been a marching band in any parade for years, it takes a lot of extra time and commitment by the teacher and the students.

And we have TWO high schools in Redmond now. I think this is the second year that Ridgeview has been open.

Here is Redmond High School... go maroon and gold!!! The Panthers

There were even old cars..

AND horses!!  Deschutes County Sheriff Posse,  no princess tho  :(

There were even Volkswagon bugs!!

It was only about 45 minutes long. There were a couple troops of boy scouts, one of girl scouts. Also a BIG troop of junior something or others, national guards I think, is there such a thing, somehow I missed the banner telling what the groups were... but all in all it was a good parade...

Small town USA

Take Care All & God Bless... hope you all had a Blessed Day


  1. I drove to Redmond a month or so ago from N Nevada and had solar installed on my little motorhome... What a lovely, lovely area... The fall colors were breathtaking... I stopped in Crane, OR both on the way to and from and soaked in the hot springs... It was wonderful!!!