Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Day on the Town

Friend came to stay the week end and we went to Bend, shopping, went to all the stores, ate at Pine
Tavern, downtown, had the pumpkin cheesecake, oh, my goodness it was really good, so was the chowder I had and Tanya's club salad.  All the little scenes were from Real Deals, they do have the cutest things, d├ęcor items.  Also went to a new store in Terrebonne of all places, it is a little burg north of Redmond, but have the greatest things.  Ended at Barnes and Noble and Hallmark.. still managed to miss Costco!!!  HA!!!
Tis the season and we are getting decorated here in Redmond!!!
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I am so glad I gave up Christmas decorations. I did that for years and now I'm done!

  2. I love that little shop. When I was in Ohio, Aaron was wearing the tie dye sweatshirt I bought there. Glad it fit and he liked it!

    1. Yes, Patty, it is so good when we manage to 'get it right' which seems to fall short so often in these 'later' years :)