Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just Sittin'

Spent the last two days, putzing.. things getting done here and there. went ALL the way to Bend hoping the 'orange' man from the Fresno, Calif area would be there and NO, was not.. geez.... Rained awful yesterday... Luci spends her time in her favorite place :)
Spent ALL day watching "Longmire" on Netflix yesterday, the fourth season... it was good, just really like that show.....
Reading a Rick Mofina Six seconds.... not far into it, but like the way he writes... even if just setting things up right now and things are a bit disjointed, getting things to mesh.....
Take Care All.. Stay WARM!! and God Bless


  1. Nothing happening here at all. Skitz likes to sit next to me in my recliner under a blanket.

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  3. ahh, Loree. I hope you get some of those oranges soon. We are at Orange Grove RV Park and I picked some last night. heaven. I have Longmire on the netflix watch list. Glad to hear it is worth watching.