Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Visit from my niece and great-niece from Southern Cal. It is great to see relatives from out of area that you don't get to see on a day to day basis.  BUT wish I could see them on a day to day basis.  When Chloe was born in 2011 I was in Dessert Hot springs with the RV and got to see them off and on throughout that month and that was a fun time. Very special. Brian enjoys them too :) They are on the way back home today, were supposed to leave yesterday but the flight was cancelled, due to water on the runway in San Francisco... so hope they get out and on the way the way they want to, so they can get home. She teaches 2nd grade this year and has to be back to work next Monday, they seem to have long vacations!
She has other relatives in the area she stays with, so we just get to see them off and on and DO things together off and on while she is here.
Have just been hunkered down here in Redmond, we had snow on the ground this morning again. Suppose to get warmer by the end of the week.  But that changes off and on all the time.
Time for an oil change for my car. Take it to the Honda dealer I got it from for that FREE service as long as I have the car. Am sure they rely on people getting rid of their vehicles much sooner than I do!!!  I do get my money's worth out of that deal!!
Brian just got those new glasses, for the 1st time and can't get used to looking up and seeing him sitting there with glasses on! Weird.... but says he can see to read and the computer much, much easier.  Goodness wonder what it was like driving???
Take Care All & God Bless... Happiness in the New Year

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  1. It is so great when we can get together with family who live at a distance. I hate it that I'm so far away from my son and his family in NY.