Friday, February 19, 2016

More Cards

Cards I made in the last week..

Having fun going to card classes and then just making some from off the internet / Pinterest systems... there are some really great ideas on there!!! Get stuck looking and looking and then I notice oops an hour has passed or more and that is what I am doing, no reading, cleaning, exercising, just sitting looking as social media  :)  geez...  Apparently it is entertaining.

Yoga this week (Thursday) was all about core strength and man, it touched areas that know about it today!! Also concentrating on sun salutation 'flow' different segments to build on.  I know someday we will put it all together and be all ready to GO... ha.. been in classes where this is how they start after the stretching and it just kicks my butt, one to the other poses, all in a 'flow' up down, up down, lets get cracking.... eventually I just stay down, no able to get up one more time...
This is for a little boy I know, who knows me as Nana Loree.  Hopefully I get to go to Iowa and see them this year, in the Spring maybe.. when snow no longer flying and things are starting to green up, that would be nice, a nice long road trip :) and if gas prices hold that would be nice... I remember one year I went back there and gas was over $4 a gallon... crazy,, the price and that I went anyway.. haha

We are having weird weather today, LOTS of wind and now it started to snow... think I heard on the radio this morning that Mt B got 8 inches in the last 2 days, Mt Hood Meadows 13 inches.  The snow here is just blowing about and not sticking, but sure coming down or getting blown about.... Was out today and it was all dark and cloudy low down in the Bend are that you could see from Redmond, all the hills about have snow low down on them, so snow level is dropping....

Doggies are all bedded down in front of the heat or right beside me all covered with blankets.  They are all about comfort and NOT stupid, for sure.

Take Care All


  1. The cards are so nice. Love the green thing is it a gator? so cute.

    Hard to believe you are getting snow when it is so stinkin warm here already. I was hoping for a longer winter, guess that's was just a dream. Stay warm

  2. Nice cards, especially the cute one for a little boy.

  3. You're cards are just beautiful! Have you thought about selling them at bazaars or Farmer's Market, or at the quilt weekend?