Friday, March 25, 2016

Safe n Sound

Here is part of So Dakota that I decided pretty much looks like Nebraska, where I have been loath to go thru.... takes such a long time to get through!!! and looks just like this...

THIS is Minnesota... great.. roads were not bad tho, BUT ran into a really burly rainstorm, black clouds n all, I mean, really, BLACK!!!! AND when I stopped for gas at the next place  noticed odd 'stuff' on my car, it was SALT.. asked the guy in the convenience store why there was SALT on my car, he smirked..... they use it on the roads and since it snowed the day before, it is all over the car!!!

But had a nice night in Sturgis, nice room at Holiday Inn Express, had gotten t-shirts for the boys :), had a nice dinner at a pizza buffet, but they had potatoes n gravy and nice chicken and salad fixins', got up at 5:30a and got to Davenport at 8:30p central time.... last hour was in the dark, OHNO.. and then when I got off on 74 to drive alongside the Mississippi... great choice as they are doing construction on the bridge and had to wind around among neighborhoods and kinda sorta remembered where I was, and it ended up ok, but was a little bit exciting.. strange streets, strange town..

So I am here in a warm, cozy home with my dear friend... let the FUN begin!!!!

Take Care and God Bless

oops, forgot the roadkill report.. and have a couple of days to combine:  today 2 deer, 2 raccoon, 2 pheasants :(.. then the prior time I traveled, was that Wednesday? there were a couple coyotes and 4 deer, assorted small critters...
Today I also saw live!! two pheasants and a turkey and Wednesday saw 2 deer!!!

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  1. Good to hear all is well and you are now at your friends home. Have a great time