Monday, March 14, 2016


Oh my, look what I awoke to this morning!!

 Was out sprinting about in my night wear this morning to get these lovely pictures, much to the delight of the neighborhood I am sure.. but that is not very unusual as I get the morning paper that way all the time, just appalls Brian 's sensibilities, poor dear!!

The snow Makes for interesting contrasts in the picture tho, don't you think?

Yesterday binge watched The Affair, from Showtime, oh my, racy, but good story underneath, but back and forth, sometimes hard to figure out what was happening and during what time, months and even years pass between different times and people. Interesting... made me think, gulp
This poor little daffodil!! Just trying to present some beauty into the world!! Almost 10am now and most of snow is gone, so see- had I not gone out, would not have gotten those lovely pics!!

Have been getting up earlier, but now Daylight Savings has ruined all of that.. and have to adjust, was weird last night having it be bright outside at 7pm!!!

Luci is doing really well- for all wondering, they are so very resilient (hope that stays true)

Big night tonight for The Bachelor, yes, I know!!! But I just get sucked in!!! It is the worst of human nature all wrapped up as entertainment.... and I get so disgusted with them for being so stupid, but, there y
ou have it....

Have 'discovered' J.A. Jance murder mysteries, where have I been? Don't know!! But have enjoyed reading them and there are MANY.. and the search for finding more in obscure little used book stores wherever I may be.  I wrote out a list and keep checking off what I find and what I have read... Fun!!!  Also CJ Box, he is very good too!!

Am planning a trip to Iowa here very soon, Brian is worried he is going to have to change and be here for the dogs and not be gone day and night and that he may 'starve' if I am gone for a WHOLE month, but maybe he will be ok..  :)  Hahahahahaha maybe I will have some worth when I return, huh??

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Can't imagine tiptoeing through the frozen tulips without boots and a parka. BRRR!!!

  2. Now that is devotion to photography when you rush out with whatever you have on:) Nice scenes and I am glad I can enjoy them in pictures only!

  3. So glad to hear Luci is doing okay. Skitz goes in on Wednesday and will also have several teeth pulled. I'm already a nervous wreck.

  4. So glad to hear Luci is doing okay. Skitz goes in on Wednesday and will also have several teeth pulled. I'm already a nervous wreck.

  5. I like J.A. Jance's books,too,especially her newer ones featuring Ali Reynolds, and all the ones featuring J.P. Beaumont which are generally set in the Seattle area. I don't think I've read any of CJ Box--will have to check him out.

  6. Pretty pictures well worth you running out in your night gear. Happy to hear Lucy is doing well.
    I have read a few JA Jance's books I like her writing.

  7. That can't be ... I declared 'winter is over', at least back here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana

  8. Well the snow looks beautiful on the flowers but I sure hope that by now it is gone and you are having a wonderful Spring Equinox. Yes Brian will have to cope with reality while you are gone. Hope Carl and Luci can handle it.