Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flashing Lights n Sirens!!

OH, MY!!!!
Carol decided to take the bridge over Arsenal Island as the 74 bridge is being worked on and traffic is horrid, almost a parking lot... BUT Arsenal Island is a military base... they have been making arsenal/munitions there since the civil war...continuously..... Well, they have a checkpoint in and out, buffered entry, where you twist in and out of barriers..... there is no stop sign, the light was green, no one was standing by the guard shack.... yes, she blew right by it..... well, what do you know but 3 police cars, lights flashing, sirens going, coming at us in our lane.. she had realized what she did and pulled right over at sighting of the 1st car...  she got a lecture and the officer asked" Do you know where you are?" "This is a military base you know"  well, of course she knew where we were..... and was totally embarrassed, that she had done that, we showed our ID, all 3 officers conferred, waved arms and let us go, BUT we had to go back the way we came and could NOT proceed onward to the bridge and were escorted OFF the base....
SO.... Carol is banned from Arsenal Island.... is the real title of this blog........
A friend asked me why I did not show my military ID, well, I really don't have any ID, do not carry my DD214 around with me.... I could have shown my concealed weapon permit, but feel at that point, it would not have helped all that much!!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless..... follow all rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You do lead an exciting life don't you. Just can't stay out of trouble.

  2. I have a base near me and what a pain to get on ... even with a retired military id. Tell here next time "if the light is yellow punch it .... if she gets stopped, let the officer know that some days I just feel like flying". :)

  3. You girls are so funny! This could only happen to you two!