Thursday, April 21, 2016

Todays Travels

You know there re places in Wyoming tat are worth more than a second or third look!!  Would love to have large pick-up with a camper, to get into small places and to just go and explore Flaming Gorge/Green River area, the Bighorns... been thru there, have not stayed there.

 Then there is the history, the parks, the highway!! This is the best rest stop and it has ART!! This statue is wonderful
There was still snow up there!! And it was cold, cold, cold. Winter still has its grip on Wyoming.  I saw 2 antelope alone, they had horns, do the females have horns too? And saw 3 large herds, that was pretty cool to see. Saw 2 deer in a valley. Yesterday I saw a flock of wild turkeys (just googled that.. a bunch of wild turkeys are called a 'flock') And Carol and I saw a fox, red fox by the side of the road in Wisconsin I think it was, weird, he looked pretty sad....

Look at the view from the rest stop! Everytime I have to stop and look and wonder....

and then there is this, I can do without this part of Wyoming....

This is the beginning of Flaming Gorge............

Then you drop out of WY and into Utah.. the Wasatch Range.. The rocks, there must have been quite the upheaval and tortured landscape to create all of that..

You go on 80, then go to 84 and up into Idaho, just the little corner or Utah and drop into the Salt lake Valley for a bit.  Idaho is turning green, there were tons of sheep in the mountains, Then 84 swings West and you go along the Snake River Valley and all the farming and irrigation and thru this nothingness to Boise and it was a parking lot!!!!! It was 5p, poor planning there.... and they do not have the little signs as to what is coming up as far as motels or gas or food, just the freeway and CARS, my goodness.... could not find a place to stay, am sure there was something, saw them as I was going by and once I have gone by, I don't like doubling back, always move forward..... forward, onward... got to be 6m and was in Ontario, Oregon, it is warm, was warm in Utah, and it smells good, blooming, petals are in the air, bees are in abundance, I am home

And there is no sales tax!

And I don't have to get out of my car to get gas, they do it for me!!

Take Care and God Bless


  1. It looks like you drive like I do ... very little stopping. I use to take I-84 a lot from Whidbey Island WA to Boise ID. In the early 90s I moved to Boise for a couple of months. Then it was a great city of around 94,000 people ... then the word got out about how nice it was. Population exploded. Hard to imagine snow this time of year here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.