Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy, Happy

Happy Mother's  Day one and all!!

This is my Mom, Cloise May Wallace Larrance, about 1944, High School graduation picture from Canby High school, here in Oregon.


How can it possibly be 10 years??? Time just travels on.

She was such a good mother and home maker, then she went to school at Portland State when I was in the 5th grade and got a teaching degree and taught school at Culver Grade School for 26 years!! And she did both really well, we never felt slighted and provided for her and Dad's retirement.  Miss her daily and continuously.

There was a woman and a huge hairy dog in the picture next to us, apparently I was not too pleased with the dog,  (I still get that nasty, disapproving look on my face :) this must have been  about 1952, as I was 5 and we lived at Trask Homes, defense housing in Tillamook, at the time. Dad was owner/operator of a log truck at the time. This is only one of a few pictures of me and my Mom together, normally she was the picture taker.  I would hasten to tell everyone to get pictures a lot of both of you and parents.  I have quite a few in later years, but not the younger years of their life and oh, how I so wish I had more.  But they just did not do that.  Also have ONE recording of mom and dad, NOW that is something I wish I had more of, what a treasure.  And a distant relative sent it to me.  It was not even something that we had or even knew about until I received it....

Take Care all and hope everyone has a lovely day!!


  1. You look a lot like your Mom! Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet friend.

  2. Great pictures. Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day

  3. Great post! My mother also passed in 2006. Time does fly, for sure.