Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oh!! Look!

Went to the Stampin Up meeting on Saturday AND the poppies were blooming!!! In FULL bloom, the variety is something to behold  this year tho, they were so close together that you could not get out amongst them, had to satisfy myself with walking around the edges...

I think I like this pic best, with the forefront and then more in the background...

AND just look at this one, there was like only ONE of these!!

This one is more frilly....
Today, Sunday I spent most of the morning digging out the last of the plants from the house where I lived in Bend.  There were still some hostas from Mom's yard.  And a HUGE honeysuckle from the Trailer park where I lived for years and had transplanted it from there to the Williamson house and now on to Redmond.  Yet to be seen if it will survive, took a lot of digging and pulling and breaking off roots with that one and sometimes we both had to pull on it.. so not sure, lots of really old trunk on it and it has been neglected the last couple of years with hardly any water, so we shall see, but better to try at the least than to just let it get jerked out and tossed (she is putting in zero scape where any plantings do not require water, no grass... can you imagine no greenry about, no color, no pretty?? not for me... I want some life!!!!  And it will be hotter and dusty too)  AND there are about 40 golf courses in Central Oregon that are as green as green can be, no lack of water there. If there is enough water for THAT there is enough water for my little yard. AND costwise it is only About $20 more for the summer months, so don't even TRY telling me there is a water shortage or lack of money for my 'little' hobby yard.... Also got a huge forsythia and another large something or other I had put in, that grows forever and really tall, with white blooms most all summer, it took a lot of neglect too and just keeps blooming, then some white and yellow daisy like things and an autumn joy that gets really pretty, yes in the Fall :) so had to find places for all of them and then dig holes, water, plant.  It is kind of exciting and will keep a look out for them and keep them well watered and see what happens, giving them a chance and hope for the best.
Got some horrid smelling spray stuff at the rhubarb festival in Lapine on Saturday for my rhubarb plant that they thought has spider mites, so will see if that helps things out, it has gotten lacy leaves and is not doing well at all, you should have seen their plants, goodness, huge!!! Even the lady down the road has great rhubarb plants!!!  Not me... the deer are eating my holly hocks, stupid deer.... the hollyhocks are getting lacy too, sprayed them some too!!!
Have to get a bower for that honey suckle to climb up on....
Took the little blue pick up on my Sunday trip to get plants and it worked well, was happy, and did not have to get all that dirt and ick in my car..... it was a really nice day, warm but not hot....
Hope all is well with everyone.. Take Care and God Bless


  1. The poppies are gorgeous. Hope all your transplants take and would love to see pictures of them.

  2. I am sooo not a garden/yard/flower type person. I can appreciate a beautiful green flowery yard but I don't want one. Guess that's why I like the desert so much. But those poppy pics are really neat.

  3. Love the poppies! My personal favorite. Glad you got to rescue your heritage plants from extinction.

  4. They are beautiful. I would never have the patience to grow and care for them, but I can appreciate them all the more when someone else is responsible.

  5. Those poppies are beautiful! The Golden Poppy is California's State Flower, but I like these much better. Such pretty colors. :)