Friday, December 2, 2016


Bits and pieces getting ready for Christmas..
To become cards of different shapes and sizes. Sparkle and glitter abound!

Watching "I Love Lucy" and TV, what memories those clips bring back! Such a wonderful show and time.

Caught up with the Orange Man today in Bend, so excited to have good, sweet California oranges to enjoy for the next week.

Also went to Mkt of Choice, love going there and wandering about looking at all the 'goodies', some of that stuff is really expensive!! But it makes for a good time wandering and looking.

Went to a bazaar, found some cuteness.

Stopped at Costco, boy there were a lot of people there for a Friday! And they have all of their Xmas stuff out and special packages of things.  got milkbones, butter and vitamins.  Could not find a book that I needed to have, I have SO many now that I have gotten in the past, that have not gotten to, I need to read what I have, then pare down before I get anything new to add to the pile.  Then just how many piles do you need? Am running out of  room to stack piles!!!  HA! Just can't seem to resist when I see something that looks good, I may not remember it, to get at a later time.    But do love getting new ones to read.....

Take Care All and God Bless, Blessed Christmas to you and yours

p.s. the cold is lingering beyond any realm of usefulness
p.p.s. I am reading little xmas romance novels... they put me in a good mood this time of year.  Robyn Carr right now.  I did read Hillbilly Elegy tho and that was good.... sobering.

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