Friday, December 16, 2016


These are more little favors that I made in the last couple of days, I give to people who come to the house, and to the 'girls' at the spa.  Got my hair and nails done yesterday...
I JUST love doing these little things and finding different ones I can do, have another one that uses the fox builder set and Hershey kisses IF I make some of those, will post pics, it involves a lot of tiny little pieces for eyes, ears, tails, so forth. Changes the same punch into a fox, dog, reindeer, skunk, etc and on and on, lots of different ideas on Pinterest... Do you guys look at, use Pinterest??? I truly spend hours on it!!! Some of the really GOOD recipes turn out to be not so very good some times, have to pick and choose to your taste, I guess..  But they have SO many crochet patterns, recipes and stamping formats and blogs a person can check out and get immersed in.  Clothes ideas, heart pictures, churches, old barns, trees, just on and on and on.  How in the world did we ever live without all of this stimula coming at us... maybe we got outdoors more? exercised? read more? The choices, the choices???!!!

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. So cute and what a nice way to say thanks or Merry Christmas to people you encounter in everyday life!

  2. Nice:) Handmade items have that extra touch and I think our appreciated more.