Monday, December 12, 2016


Today Spent time wrapping gifts, dogs, in and out.  Snow has been melting. Tonights news said that Wednesday we were to get a foot of snow, really??  Geez, Brian says I need to get my ducks in a row for preparing for that, Really?? What exactly does that mean?
 Guess I will go to Wal-mart and get some of my crystal light tomorrow, don't want to run out of that and be stuck here in the house in the snow with no lemon tea..!! 
Am reading Stephanie Meyers 'The Chemist' just barely started. Have gone thru 2 of my 'little' Xmas stories...
 Got my lights up outside and the tree up, throughout the last week.
 Got new hearing aides as the original ones, just did not work/suit me, I guess.... these I have to get used to, don't know if this whole thing is going to work. Should not be so negative and should wear them all the time, but doesn't seem needed, when I am here by myself and don't need to hear anyone or thing... Really??
 Mt B picked up 2-3 feet, yes feet of snow in the last couple days.... WOW!!! Really?? 13 degrees tonight.  Really??
Friend Tanya and I spent Sunday shopping in Bend, have known her for over 40 years. (she was at one time married to my younger brother) We have a lot of history and she knew my Mom & Dad well. Mom and I used to go to Bend Xmas shopping and then to Pine Tavern, old restaurant in Bend that has trees growing right thru the middle of the dining room! We would have hot mince pie with rum sauce, I thought I was quite daring and grown-up.  Tanya and I went there for lunch, they no longer serve the pie!!  We saw many nice things, beautiful stores in Downtown Bend. And wandered around the Old Mill District.  It was a nice day..AND her car has heated seats!!! A new car would HAVE to have those!!!! How relaxing and wonderful......
Hope all is well.... Take Care and God Bless


  1. Well you sure have been busy.

  2. Wow! New information, did not know Tanya was married to your younger brother at some point! I got my receiver attached to a temporary device until my Baha post fuses with my skull! The audiologist told me that it takes the brain months to reorganize to hear and catalog sounds you haven't used in a while and to relearn how to filter sounds appropriately. Commit to wearing the hearing aids consistently for at least 4 weeks and more like 8 weeks to let your brain do its work. My brain is tired at the end of the day from working over time!