Monday, January 30, 2017


Well, the foot apt was not as good, put me in a fiberglass cast, non-weight bearing. SO, I ordered a scooter from Amazon, called local Norco that rents out medical equipment and they wanted $100 for a month and said medicare would not pay for it, non-essential. Well, bet it would not be so non-essential if they had to be non weight bearing!!!  So for a little more just got my own, it works slick, but would be much better in a bigger house, I do a lot of jockeying about to get here and there in my little house, but OK... I can get around much better and faster.  Is going to be something to get it in the car by myself tho, and can't be maneuvering  it and a grocery cart, so will have to find someone to take me. Or go with me.  Need a Wal-Mart run and Costco..... am almost out of TP!!! Oh, no!! I am sort of obsessed with that and have to have LOTS on hand ALL the time.. hahaha.......
sooooo, was disappointed, but guess that is just the way it is.... and the countdown is going to the 21st, I think it is, the next apt, AND then I get a boot, and can be walking or whatever...  but it feels good, hardly any twinges, and off of the pain pills.
Even managed to clean house today!!!!! And do the bathroom, almost feel human, with all that dog hair sucks up and away and know I can do it now, so will be able to keep up...   :)
Things are looking up, even if I spend most of the time with the foot elevated, am reading again and finished two books... both mysteries, murder, mayhem and totally bad guys.....
Take Care and God Bless and stay healthy and careful on the ice!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry you didn't get "the boot" this time, but glad to hear that the scooter is working out for you.

  2. Glad you are mobile and out of pain!