Wednesday, February 22, 2017

leg update

Woke to SNOW this morning and everything frozen over!!! Heard Brian scrapping his windows prior to leaving for work at 6am...
AND talk about 6am.... he was leaving for work at 7am  winter hours I guess and started new 'spring' job working on a playground and has to leave earlier, well...... Luci does not appreciate time and he leaves for work and she gets up and wants out!!! Tried talking to her Monday, explaining that it was an hour early and she could wait.... oh the whining and carrying on was monumental and I HAD to get up get them both out and feed them.... Wednesday rolls around and things have not changed as days have progressed, she still wants to go out as soon as he leaves, I have to get up...
Had my doc appt yesterday and got out of the cast, and into a weight bearing boot, am so very excited!!! Also went to Costco and got stuff that had been needing, but still used the scooter as it is too big a store for me to try walking in right off the bat, have to slowly lead up to walking about on it. and supposed to use one crutch and find a shoe with 2" heel which I don't think I have, ah well, do best I can... but walking about sure does put you all out of alignment with that boot on... have to be careful and cautious about that.... they said there were no concerns and things were looking good.... and have to be in that boot for 5-6 weeks!!!!  Will be 3 months since the accident before I can resume yoga or the gym am trying to do stuff while sitting here and am hard pressed let me tell you, just want to start walking normally again, right now!!!!
Cleaned house today and feels SO good to be in a clean house, with floors all shiny and things smelling clean....
Got that ace bandage on a little too tight and started hurting , think that will take some finessing to find out the right way to do that, so that does not happen, at least my toes were not all purple :)  ha!!
Put a pic of Carl on here, he is in front of the heater, his normal place to be these days... eats, pees and sleeps...
You can see Luci's head in my foot shot, that is where she has been the last couple of months, keeping me warm and cozy and loved upon, her job you know....
Take Care All and God Bless
p.s.  shout out to ALL the people who helped me during this time, yesterday my friend Tanya came in from Madras to take me to the doc's ( she has also been coming in once a week to take me grocery shopping, great help indeed) and hold my hand during the cast removal ordeal... like it was anything, but it sure felt as if they were going to saw right into my leg,... and was sure that they were going to put another cast on me and was going to be so very upset... but just the mind going miles per hour on the wrong track, one more time.....  Thank you ALL so very much!!!!


  1. What a great looking bulldog!! Good to hear your foot is getting better. You have snow and I was out working in the yard in 68° in the Midwest ... strange.

  2. Well at least the cast is gone. The boot will take some getting used to but sounds like you did really good today. Keep up your great healing process.

  3. My daughter had surgery to remove a bone spur from her foot. She complained about the knee-high boot throwing her out of alignment and the doctor gave her one that only came up halfway to the knee. Much more comfortable. She rented the scooter and it's wonderful how it allows you to get around without crutches. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.