Sunday, July 2, 2017


This is a turnout just south of the bridge @ Yachats.... One of Mom and Dad's favorite places. Mom loved to just sit on a bench there and watch the waves crash... there are many houses in this little area, BIG houses.... lovely yards, nice pullout, narrow paved  road right when you pull off of 101 there is a beach below the bridge and a river going to the ocean, lovely little beach,,,, but most is the rocks

Can't imagine being in these houses so very close to the waves. bet at times the waves are just crashing in there....

On this day it was really pretty calm, have seen it SO very much for the worse.  there is even a spout that will whosh up,  but was not really doing it today..

It is a nice little area.  Yachats has really blossomed and there were lots of people, cars and small businesses. Used to be a GREAT restaurant, where people would drive over from Portland just for chicken and dumplings, but that building looks as if it is falling down and not open.  there was a market going on this day... Did not stop as had Luci and this is not fun for her to be on leash with tons of people to dodge, and too hot right next to the pavement.
Sitting on the bench and walking in the nice grass was more our speed
Take Care All

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