Thursday, August 3, 2017

At the Fair!!

This lovely spot is right in the middle of the grounds, a quiet, cooler place to sit and reflect  :)

Love flags....

Judging GOATS!!!!

This was one of the Clydesdales....(sp) they were huge and one of them wanted OUT and was kicking the wall/gate repeatedly....

This is the Queens horse.. Queen of the Fair... they take part in the rodeo and ride in different Fairs throughout the state as form of advertisement for our Fair..... This horse had BLUE eyes...

There were quite a few of these in pens... Longhorns!!! Wow!! and this was not even the biggest one!!!
The 'babies' even had tiny little horns already...

Love the ferris wheel!!!

they had a different set up this year with the kids rides in  different place than the 'regular' rides.. lots of rides and games.
love looking at the handiwork, quilts, crochet and photos, all the garden/canned things.... always amazes me that people already have producing gardens and things canned already, my yard/garden is never that ready to go at Fair time.. guess I put things in too late!!! And of course this year I have nothing.... darn deer!!!!  I WILL get a fence next year (oh, how many years have I been saying that?)
We did not have a Fair parade this year, 1st year they made that decision and it is really too bad, love a parade and it always seemed like the Fair parade was more free and out there than the staid Veterans day or patriotic July 4th....
Love having a corn dog w/mustard!!! Had a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair.. THAT is a Fair!!!!  Mom had great stories about going to that one when she was a child in the early 30's..
Wednesday was the 1st day and was free for seniors/veterans, so I went that day, it cost $12 now... hard to believe BUT they always have specials going.  They also had concerts, Montgomery Gentry, Melissa Etheridge, Marshall Tucker Band...
Remember when the new fairgrounds opened, don't remember the year but within the last 20 years, it was the 1st NEW fairgrounds built/opened West of the Mississippi in 50 years!!! and Alabama opened, it was a VERY big deal.  The Confederated Tribes dedicated it, I went, it was wonderful!!! 
Love, love my fair!!!! (it is configured like a huge wheel, round with spokes)  do miss the OLD grounds (where Fred Meyer is today) right in midst of the town, the cute old building and animal sheds, the wooden grandstands (where Lowes is today) huge old trees, but the trees are growing at the new one and will be great and wonderful in time.....
It was a fun morning and I partook of the old people shuttles/golf carts to get from one end to the other after walking that far to begin with  :0
Take care ll and God Bless


  1. Fun!!! Nice size fair. Glad it was open for you 🙀

  2. I haven't been to a Fair in many years. I went to one here at the Pima Fair Grounds and ate lots of dirt. But I'm sure happy you had such a great time. Lots of animals and would love to have seen all the crafts.

  3. The Iowa State Fair is still an awesome event. Pork chop on a stick is a personal favorite of mine, too!