Tuesday, August 22, 2017


LOVE my honeysuckle bush!!!
Have moved it twice now and it is doing well, even bought the trellis for it to climb up, and it is doing it's thing!!!

Has lots of blooms on it this year, think it is happy...

Boy can't wait for the news tonight, the smoke it horrid!!! Things must be getting worse. Sisters has cancelled in service days for teachers, putting opening of school back.  They have bad health advisories there due to the high level of smoke.  Black Butte Resort has been put on level 1 alert.  The smoke is heavy even in Redmond, it was drifting south but winds must have changed for it or the Warm Springs fire, between them things are not looking good.

Have seen people from Big Summit Prairie going thru town, dusty, dirty cars.  when at Starbucks saw a couple in a nice care, station wagon type with a U-Haul towing, smallish, they were in there throwing things right n left, don't know what they were looking for!!! one had orange hair and the other guy was wearing a skirt, lovely..  calif plates, says it all!!!???

Traffic was not bad to Bend, and why did I need to go there you may ask??? Wellllll, broke the face right off one of my top left molars, where there was a crack and had to start the process to getting that fixed... lovely we no longer get cavities, BUT the teeth crack and break!!!!

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I have learned the hard way that crowns are not cheap:(

  2. Ow. cracking and breaking teeth doesn't sound like fun. Smoke here in Grants Pass is unhealthy for all, we are getting the smoke from the horrendous Chetco Bar fire at Brookings. Awful stuff. 98,000 acres and less than 5 percent contained. On a happier note, bet that honeysuckle smells fabulous.