Friday, September 8, 2017


Love cone flowers... and cannot seem to get them to grow in my yard, have not a clue why???!!! Have tried a couple of years. Had a bunch of them at the other place, white ones and they came up year after year.  Saw these at Pronghorn and had to stop and get some pics, they were mostly over the hill, but still some good one.
The ones just below look like they are at the wrong angle, BUT they are not, the flowers are old and were all flopped over onto the grass, so these are sort of sideways, but they are correct, even if they look weird....

Aren't they lovely? And like the way they showed against the dead tree limbs.. good contrast

We still have smoke today but not near as bad as it has been.

Cable guys came out as had an upgrade done, the DVR I had only recorded two programs at a time, and that was a real pain to make a decision at times, especially when all the new FALL programs are starting they try to have them all on at the same time to compete.  Then on Sat-SUN when traditionally there are not that many programs I want to see, can watch my recorded ones, or watch when there are re-runs.  AND Outlander is starting tomorrow and had to have Starz in order to watch that.!!!  Have been catching up on last season and now am all primed for the new season.  Did not get it last year as I knew from reading the books that the second season in France was not all that wonderful of a storyline, lots of intrigue.. which I was not really that excited about..

AND  there was an odd smell in the house, what in the world, something burning, but did not smell like the forest fires, a different type of burning, what IS that, welllllll long story short, or short memory, whatever...... I left the beets on and the water all boiled out and burned to the bottom of the pan, if they did not take so darn long to get done a person might not forget about them.... even then they were still a little hard, but done..... at last..... finally.... and do not taste burned, but will take  a good scrub to get the pan back to where it should be!!!!

Cleaned the house yesterday, wash, scrub, dust... as tv people will be here!!!! Have to appear as if I dust under that DVR at least once in  6 years.....

Take Care all and God Bless

(do u think that the money donated to Safeway for hurricane relief really gets to those people? Well just have to assume it does.....)

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