Monday, September 11, 2017

Old High School

Top picture is my old High School, will always be a high school!!! They turned it into the city hall, which is a good thing that they saved it!! Restored.  It is really beautiful inside, wish they had kept some of the lockers. Spent 4 years there.... They tore down the shop and art studios in the back and made a parking lot, the old gym is still there, hope they do something with that, it was like walking into the belly of the beast on basketball nites!!! such days!!

The dragonfly sculpture is new, don't really see what it has to do with Central Oregon.  We DO have dragon flys along the irrigation ditches and ponds tho, maybe that can relate?? Don't know.  There are so many round-about art things, that would be a good blog!! Will have to go about taking pictures., Have to get out , park and walk in to them and dodge traffic, that should be exciting to do!!!

Just don't know about all of the disasters happening, so very sad..watched the hurricane all day yesterday, don't know why.....

Take Care all and God Bless

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