Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall prep

Think I have already used this pic before, oh well, I like it...

It is surely turning into Fall here on 26th street.  Last full bloom on the mums, and Autumn Joy is all pink on top. The bees sure do like it.

I watered the backyard for the last time and unhooked the hoses as today there is really a bad chill in the air and who knows?  have already had snow on the mountains..

Been doing cleaning in the house, don't know why???? Got the fans brushed off and wiped down and stored ( had to have Brian lift them up where they are to stay for the winter.)  Brought in the Adirondack chairs, no more sitting in the garden!.. Got out the comforter and got it wrestled into the duvet cover and on the bed.  Have woken up a couple of times, cold, so that should take care of that!! Also changed air filters on the furnace and vacuumed the stove all ready for HEAT.. Also was going to clean the overhead fan over the dining table and Brian volunteered to do it, guess seeing me up on the ladder changing the filter was too much for him and being old and near to feeble is as assent!! HAHA, we did a really good job of it, worked well together and he was patient with my obsessive wiping with the PineSol...

Have been clearing out the yard too, have a pick-up load of limbs, they keep falling out of those darn trees out back, flowers that are spent.  Petunias are still doing well, still have some hardy snapdragons and lots of yellow flowers.... had to cut off one of my star gazer stems (the flowers long gone) as it had grown up entwined in the hose apparatus and had to wind up the hose...

(sitting here writing and yelling at Luci, she keeps trying to sneak into Brians room (am too lazy to get up and shut the door)  She got in there a couple days ago and drug off a pair of underwear and chewed them all up.. silly dog, can NOT get her to stop doing that and have to be ever vigilant)

I just really dislike this time of year it is the downward swing into the deadness of Winter, I think it was always at work the way the claims calendar worked and the look of it, with the four quarters and this being the last one, the days get darker, earlier
 (HAD to get up, there she was in there, it is just SO tempting, there are so many smells!!! she can't help herself)
I just feel a heaviness pressing down, the end of the year is approaching, but also a new beginning in a new year, so there is that, but there are 4 months to get there..... to start over, again.... how morose.  Been sitting here now with adult pop channel on tv and reading, pretty sweet, really

Take Care All and God Bless

Have gotten to see my niece (who lives in Sisters) twice now, last week end and this week end, just short visits.  Don't know if I mentioned her before or not, she has a cute little daughter age 5, starting kindergarten this year!!!  She is in such a good, happy place now with a really sweet guy. She so deserves that and am so very grateful for our reconnecting. It is a good thing!


  1. You really have been busy. I am really looking forward to the winter because it is so perfect in AZ even with the shorter days. But when we lived in Kalispell, I hated winter because we just never saw the sun.

  2. So happy you reconnected with your niece! Family is so important. Now that you are done with your fall cleaning, I am feeing jealous. I have done nothing and may not get anything done before the first snow. Oh, to feel energetic again!