Saturday, December 2, 2017

Comp Issues

Have been gone for so long as had horrid computer issues!!! They found over 3000, YES 3,000 viruses!!! Had to finally just get rid of old windows 8, save my 'stuff' and put a new windows 10 on then put all of my things on it.  New way to do things and does not have everything right at my fingertips yet, BUT it will happen.  At least i was easily able to get onto my blog, huh???
We have had some very cold days...
Had a nice Thanksgiving with family.  Had a couple doc appts, cleaned house, did yard work, made my xmas cards... got them all ready to go.. Made some potholders out of old jeans, my little homemade thing for xmas and everyone i know, haha, sure they will be thrilled BUT they work really well
Hope you are all staying well, warm and Blessed for the Christmas season that is ALREADY upon us
Take Care and God Bless

Part of the comp issues is i got scammed,,,, came over the comp alert, alert, you are experincing  virus takeover and need to contact microsoft right away at such and such a #, so i did, and knowing that i should not be doing it, was hyperventalating and crying and everything and still did it anyway, BUT when they got to the point of wanting $259 for a security system i shut it down and took comp to a guy that my son knows.... owns the computer shop in Redmond.... they had it for a week, working on it and trying to fix before just did away with whole thing and started fresh, only charged me $150... for all that work too.. which i was happy to pay... it is working like a charm now and really fast too, weird how we get used to not having things work as they are supposed to, just gets slowly worse and worse.  they said that this had been going on for months tho and that the comp was not able to update itself, and it was nothing i did, i guess, can't help but hink i did tho,  it was horrid....

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  1. I think you are 100% right that we get used to things slowing down, minor glitches, and just poor performance. I really need to get my MacBook checked out. For one thing, when they take the keyboard part off they are going to be able to mold all the crumbs into a loaf of bread! It sounds like you got a good deal for $150!