Monday, February 5, 2018


We have had absolutely balmy weather!!! High clouds, sunny, wonderful.  Even went outside and sat in sun with dogs in backyard!!!
One would think with the wonderful weather it would be a mood enhancement.... not....
Have read some really great books... Dear Bob and Sue by Matt and Karen Smith (about visiting the National Parks) and Dories, Ho! by same authors about floating the Colorado river down the Grand Canyon.. great travel books.  And Family Tree by Susan Wiggs.. loved this book and going to find more of her books...
My back has been very painful and can only remember it starting to hurt when i bent over to get dishes out of dishwasher!!! Weird... it is on the mend tho, but made for a very slow weekend.  think Brian is putting up with alot of moaning and groaning...
Take Care and God Bless ALL


  1. So sorry about the back. We just don't heal as fast as we used to and we seem to twist things a whole lot easier. Not fun.

  2. Hope the back gets better soon! It is hard to to have fun while in pain:(

  3. Sounds like you need to get back to yoga and strengthen those core muscles. Trying it myself this month, chair yoga for people who cannot bend down. No down dog for me! Struggling. Feel better, friend.